FASTCLEAN is the pioneer of mechanised housekeeping in Central India, a unique combination of man & machine to achieve the best results with just right efforts. We offer this service for Homes, Offices,Industrial Premises, Airports, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, IT Parks, Railways,  Commercial Buildings and Educational Institutions.


Our bouquet of services for our customers comprises the following, along with any other services our customers may need.



Carpet upholstery maintenance programme

Restoration of Marble / Stone flooring

Glass and Facade cleaning

Machine Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance

Pest Control & Fumigation

Railway Coach Cleaning (CTS,OBHS, PIT& Platform Cleaning)

Efficient and Effective Facility Management 24 X 7


Whether you are a small private organisation, or a large public organisation,FASTCLEAN is a one-stop partner for all your needs. BVG offers the complete bouquet of all integrated services under one contract as Total Facility Management.


Whatever the nature of your business, it is a complex task to manage all facilities services all by yourself. This is where FASTCLEAN steps in as your trusted one point of contact that you can rely on 24/7 throughout the year to take care of your facilities. This means that whatever is your need for any service, BVG is there to take up the responsibility and relieve you of the hassles.


FASTCLEAN  is known for its value proposition to its customers, which is ‘Your Non Core Work is Our Core Work’. This means that FASTCLEAN’s Total Facility Management solutions help our customers get the peace of mind to focus of their core business.


FASTCLEAN with the capability of its talent, is well positioned to know its clients and their business inside out. We understand our customers, build strong relationships and understand their needs in order to deliver an efficient, effective, responsive and flexible service. This enhances the quality of that service delivery and provides the opportunity for continuous improvement across the range of services.




Total Facility Management solution incorporates all facility management service lines, from housekeeping, cleaning, garden maintenance, HVAC maintenance, attendant services, catering, etc services all under roof. This approach brings together multi-skilled teams, and multifunctional responsibilities, thus ensure top class service delivery.


FASTCLEAN has years of experience, expertise and depth in its service delivery to provide Total Facility Management services. Our customers who have opted for Total Facility Management from us also see huge allied benefits including flexibility for adapting to any unforeseen circumstances including robust disaster recovery planning and improved accountability and tracking of service delivery.